New Faces at Pacific University

Alfonso Lopez-Vasquez, the University’s director for diversity, found a lot to smile about at Pacific’s annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebration this past January. Some 250 people, both from the community at large as well as Pacific, joined the festivities with a march from Rogers Park to Marsh Hall where they remembered the slain civil rights leader’s courage and commitment to equality. (Photo by Heidi Hoffman)

Cultural metamorphoses are occurring in the U.S., and Pacific University's demographics follow suit. Students, faculty, staff and alumni—along with various partnerships and programs—see positive changes.

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Sig Unander Jr. '87 served as president of Pacific' Alumni Board from 2005 to 2007. He holds a bachelor's degree in political science and has done graduate work in Latin American Studies. He has worked in journalism, government, public relations and Spanish-language media. He can be reached at