Passion for Nature

Theme in Yellow, Highlights Magazine 2007 (Miranda Mueller Illustration)

An art major while at Pacific, Miranda Mueller has illustrated two books to date, including "Mishka: An Adoption Tale," and  "The Forever Friends." Her most recent project has been creating customized name plates for nurseries and child's rooms.

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Born in woodsy Connecticut, I was soon filling sketchbooks with faces and unicorns, always striving to “make stuff look like stuff.” I grew up in the southern Oregon desert absorbing inspiration from the animals, starry skies and wide-open spaces of the family ranch. While pursuing my bachelor’s degree at Pacific University, then my master’s at the Savannah College of Art and Design, I traveled the country and the world, each new location and relationship contributing to my love of the environment and the development of my artistic style.

I currently live and work in Austin, Texas where I’m striving to convert my suburban home into a miniature, urban farm complete with vegetable gardens, four lovely hens, a growing Pembroke Welsh Corgi pup and a marvelous compost heap. My passion for sustainable living, respecting nature and love of gardening all show up in my art. I hopefully inspire others to consider their impact on the planet—or at least inspire a fondness for cute puppies and chickens. For more of Miranda Mueller's work: