Q & A: What interests you most about 3D TV, movies and games?

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What interests you most about 3D TV, movies and games?

The University’s Vision Performance Institute in the College of Optometry studies an array of vision issues, including the challenges presented by 3D environments. Meanwhile, we asked people what they think about 3D.

Alan Peters

Alan Peters '10

What interests me most about 3D is that it redefines our perception of certain media. It does this by breaking down the barrier which inhibits us from actually believing the experience we have of watching a movie or playing a game as real. This will lead to new technology, like virtual reality or holograms, that will complete the immersive experience, fully transforming it into something we perceive as truly real.

Lynda Irons

Lynda Irons

When I wear the 3D-glasses-not the cardboard ones-I feel like I’m channeling Roy Orbison.

Rebecca Lopez

Rebecca Lopez '11

I am curious to see how long this fad lasts. I don't think interest in it will continue for more than a few years.