Q&A, Spring 2014

What is the greatest discovery or invention of your lifetime?


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Alexandrea Yoong '15

Alexandrea Yoong ‘15, Biology Student

“Online technology. The dot-com era actually started before I grew up. My mom started a business online during that time.”

Heather Mironas OD '16

Heather Mironas OD ’16, Optometry Student

“I would say probably the Internet or email. It just really opened up lines of communication with people. I’m in contact with people all over the U.S., including relatives that I might not be otherwise.”

Pamela Pietras

Pamela Pietras, Electronic Records Specialist

“I’m amazed at how much technology there is in every area. … For instance, the grocery store, we do self-checkouts ourselves. It’s affected every aspect of our lives.”

Victoria Chinn '12

Victoria Chinn ’12, Mail Services

“Social networking. I think it makes the world more connected and keeps people more connected. It keeps people and information available to each other and creates a lot of potential.”