Readers' Words: Richard Carter

Readers' Words: Richard Carter
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My name is Richard Carter. I taught biology at Pacific from 1968-98. I enjoy reading Pacific magazine and was interested in the clip concerning the return of Boxer’s tail.

I recall my first year at Pacific very clearly. I was lecturing in Warner 5 in late September of 1968 in the early afternoon. A student stuck his head in the door and yelled, “Boxer has been thrown out!” The classroom cleared out in minutes. I walked up toward the UC and saw a large crowd milling on the lawn in front of Old College Hall. Boxer was being fought over in the middle of the mob. I believe several students were injured, but none seriously.

The following year (1969) another “toss” of Boxer occurred. This time Dr. Miles Shishido and Dean Charlie Trombley acted as referees during the melee.

Sometime after this Boxer disappeared. In the ’80s a replica was cast. The photos enclosed show the replica in my back yard in the spring of 1988. The two students in the pictures brought it over to show it to me. I can’t remember their names. Maybe others will remember them and you can get another piece of the puzzle about Boxer. 


Richard T. Carter
Professor Emeritus of Biology

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