Scholarship and serendipity

April 2, 2012

Charlotte Basch '14, featured on the cover of the Spring 2012 issue of Pacific, has received a coveted national scholarship.

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A huge congratulations to Charlotte Basch ‘14, who is featured on the cover of our Spring 2012 issue of Pacific magazine. Today, Charlotte was announced as one of 80 students nationwide named Udall Scholars.

The $5,000 scholarships are bestowed on high-achieving students who demonstrate leadership potential and who are committed to careers in the environment, healthcare or tribal public policy.

Charlotte is studying anthropology and sociology, plus hoping to add a major in dance when it becomes available in the fall. She’s also planning minors in Spanish, political science and indigenous studies, the latter of which is another new addition to Pacific’s programs starting in Fall 2012 thanks, in part, to Charlotte’s own work with faculty and University leadership.

She’s really just about one of the most impressive young people I’ve so much as heard about, and we’re thrilled that the folks at the Udall Foundation agree. (Apparently, so does the Forest Grove/Hillsboro branch of the American Association of University Women, who also just bestowed a scholarship in Charlotte.)

On a slightly selfish note, this is just another little piece of the magic behind this issue of Pacific magazine. You know, publishing twice a year means that we’re planning stories a good six months before you read them. It’s hard to know what people will be talking about six months from now.

We started this issue with a good list of story ideas, and as we’ve worked, they’ve all become a little more relevant all the time, Charlotte’s story perhaps most of all. I’m sure I should pass off all of this relevance as a testament to my own brilliance and foresight, but that would really be a stretch. I consider it serendipity—that unexpected good luck the universe bestows every now and then to make an already good thing just a little bit better.

Be sure to look for the Spring 2012 issue of Pacific—and Charlotte’s story—in the mail, on Pacific’s campuses, and online next week. Plus, get a sneak peek at Charlotte’s story in this recent Boxer Tale video.