Spoiler alert: Sneak peak at your Spring 2012 Pacific magazine

March 2, 2012

The Spring 2012 edition of Pacific magazine will be at your doors in early April. Get a preview of the service-oriented issue.

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We’re deep in production of the Spring 2012 issue of Pacific magazine. Just this morning, we are debating the words you will read on the cover when your magazine arrives in the mail in early April. Whatever the headline, I can assure you it will lead to a fascinating story about a truly impressive young woman who is studying at Pacific and helping lead the revitalization of her Native culture.

And that’s just one of several stories you will read in this edition about Pacific people doing good—serving through their coursework, research, personal passions and careers. You will find these stories both in print and here on the magazine website, where I’m thrilled to say we will have tons of extra content to help you explore more: additional articles, opportunities to share your own stories, slideshows and videos. Plus, we’ll keep the content coming with blog updates and new multimedia stories throughout the spring and summer months.

This issue is particularly special to me, as it’s my first as editor and writer here at Pacific. I don’t think I’m overly biased, though, when I say this is going to be an outstanding issue.

But, as is the nature of the publishing cycle, I’m also spending quite a bit of time dreaming about how the Fall 2012 issue can be even better. We’re already planning stories for that edition—and the ideas on the table have me salivating!

Look for the Spring 2012 issue of Pacific in your mailbox in early April or pick up a copy on campus (perhaps, say, when you visit for Lu’au on April 14). Plus, be sure to come back soon to check out the extras online!