Ten Years at the Berglund Center

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The Berglund Center publishes the peer-reviewed electronic journal, Interface, The Journal of Education, Community, and Value at http://bcis.pacificu.edu/journal. Last year’s edition of seven issues (volume 9, 2009) is also available in print in a new venture for theBerglundCenter – on-demand publishing. Another on-demandbook published by the center is Jigsaw III, a master’s degree thesis by one of the MAT Chinese students. Both are available through Amazon.com.

The center also serves as a home for two otheronline journals, the Journal of the Association for History and Computing and E-AsPac, the Journal of the Association for Asian Studies on the Pacific Coast.

Funding for the Berglund Center originally came from an endowment that has been supplemented with various grants over the years. Theorganization is governed by an advisory board that includes the Berglund family, Pacific faculty and sixothersinterested in Internet studies.