Top 10 Reasons to Give to Pacific University

Scholarship founders, donors and recipients enjoy the Annual Scholarship Reception at the Pacific University Library, April 21. (Photo by Heidi Hoffman)

Your gift makes a difference for generations to come. Find out how.

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  1. To Make a Difference. Your gift, small or large, directly impacts the lives of Pacific University students. Combine your gift with the gifts of thousands of alumni, parents and friends and the impact is astounding.
  2. To Say Thank You. You know how important financial aid was to your education, and 93 percent of Pacific University students receive financial aid. Give back by making a gift that will provide future Pacific students with the same opportunity to receive the personal attention and academic excellence that set Pacific apart.
  3. To Support Your Pacific Family. A gift to Pacific University is more than just a gift to an institution. Your contribution supports all members of the Pacific family through student scholarships, programs, enhancements, facility improvements, technology upgrades and faculty development.
  4. To Bridge the Gap. Tuition only covers 80 percent of the cost of a student’s education. Gifts from alumni, parents and friends of the University provide the funds needed to cover the remaining 20 percent.
  5. To Invest in Future Leaders. Pacific students dream of becoming teachers, scientists, artists, healthcare providers and more. Your support is an investment in those dreams and in the future of the communities in which Pacific alumni will live and work.
  6. To Leave a Legacy. You believe in the work of Pacific, and you want the University to continue to change the lives of generations of individuals to come. By making a bequest to Pacific, you ensure that your personal legacy lives on and makes a difference to students forever.
  7. To Increase Our National Reputation and Rankings. National university rankings take into consideration giving percentages when evaluating a university. These percentages indicate how satisfied alumni, parents and students are with the education received from that institution. Future students and their parents often consider these rankings when selecting colleges. Your support of Pacific improves our reputation and assists in recruiting top students to the University.
  8. To Improve the Value of a Degree. Increasing Pacific’s stature as a university with a national reputation helps increase the value of all Pacific diplomas.
  9. To Increase Corporate and Foundation Gifts. Giving serves as one of the measures by which corporations and foundations rate alumni, parent and student involvement. Your annual gift can turn into millions of dollars in corporate and foundation support.
  10. To Maintain Traditions. In 1895, 22 Pacific students rallied together and raised $4,065 for the construction of Marsh Hall. That is $105,000 ($4,773 per person) in today’s dollars. Continue Pacific’s tradition of giving. Give a gift today.

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