Letter from the President

Letter from the President

Like a good meal, a strong origins, mission and vision statement gives Pacific University the vitality to move forward.

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A good meal does more than nourish the body.

It revitalizes and gives us energy.

It unites us in fellowship and community.

It gives us a taste of another culture, or reminds us of our own heritage.

Food is sustenance for our human body and mind, but what about our institution? What is the nourishment, the source of energy, for Pacific University?

For nearly a year, our campus communities worked to develop a new origins, mission and vision statement for the University. The statement was approved in May by the Board of Trustees.

Throughout this process, we gathered our history and traditions, our culture and practices, like ingredients, and we added the flavor of our modern world and a dash of our hopes and dreams.

And, like a good meal, I believe the resulting document is more than merely a combination of its pieces. The statement harkens to our history, roots us in our beliefs and inspires us for our future. (The full statement is available at pacificu.edu/about/mission.)

The origins statement remembers and honors our roots in the orphanage and school that helped us become a “close mentoring environment that leads to genuine transformation in students’ lives.”

The mission grounds us in our commitment to being a “sustainable, diverse community dedicated to discovery and excellence in teaching, scholarship and practice that mentors students who think, create, care and pursue justice in our world.”

Our vision calls for us to “embrace discovery as an essential characteristic of teaching, learning, scholarship, practice and creative activities.” It reminds us that we achieve excellence “by investing in exceptional people.” It challenges us to “embrace a rich diversity of ideas, peoples and cultures” and to “bring sustainable thinking to everything we do.”

This is a rich dish that will feed our basic needs of identity and purpose. It will sustain and energize our good work moving forward. It reminds us who we are and who we want to be, and it gives us an opportunity to unite in that identity.

It is, for Pacific University, a good meal.

Warmest Regards,

Lesley M. Hallick, President