Wine & Beer

Wine tours have become part of the Homecoming experience at Pacific. Make a trip back to your alma mater today, and be sure to visit the dozens of local wineries and breweries that call Washington County home.

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Like so many who have settled here, Oregon’s vintners and brewers tend to be pioneers.

From the German immigrants who first started brewing on the shores of the Columbia River in the 1850s to the California immigrants who ignored naysayers and moved their grapes north a century later, these pioneers created new lives—and new economies—in Oregon.

Today, these growers turn the rich soil, rolling hillsides and temperate climate of the Willamette Valley into handcrafted brews and wines that delight the connoisseur palette. 

There are moret than 100 breweries and 300 wineries in the state (this, according to the Oregon Brewers Guild and Oregon Wine Board). For the local and tourist alike, sampling these victuals has become an event.

Wine tours are one of the most popular features offered at Pacific University’s Homecoming Weekend, and this year’s celebration (Sept. 28-29) will include two tour opportunities, visiting a total of five local wineries. 

But the opportunity is available no matter when you come home to Pacific. 

The Washington County Visitors Association advertises a Vineyard and Valley Scenic Route, and several local vineyards feature tasting rooms. 

The Oregon Brewers Guild also notes that there are more than 140 places throughout the state to sample Oregon-brewed beer—such as McMenamins breweries and pubs not far from any of Pacific’s campuses in Forest Grove, Hillsboro and Eugene—and there’s even a saké brewery in Forest Grove with a tasting room and special events.

Make the most of your return to Pacific University (or find a new reason to make the trip) with a visit to the wineries and breweries of Washington County, listed on the next page. And please, drink responsibly, drive safely.