Enthralling WWII Coverage

As an aging veteran, I was absolutely enthralled by your most recent e-issue...Colonel Daniel W. (Jake) Jacobowitz, USAF (Ret.) '65, Lorton, Va.

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As an aging veteran, I was absolutely enthralled by your most recent e-issue (The Last Rich Year, Fall 2010, pacificu.edu/magazine). Your portraits and examination of Pacific students' contributions to victory in WWII were marvelously researched, wonderfully written and genuinely contributed to continued understanding of "the Greatest Generation." The stories were literally "eye-watering" recounts of Pacific's history and the marvelous people who have attended our unique school. Everyone associated with this latest edition should be justifiably proud. 

Most important was your revelation of something a lot of civilians don't understand: most military personnel, like Paul Ostrander '46, are pacifists at heart. They have volunteered to stand between their loved ones and the horror of war. Military personnel are rarely war lovers, and the very few who are, aren't after the first battle! Military personnel understand the true moral goal of a national military is to be strong enough to dissuade all attackers. Veterans know exactly how degrading and horrible war is, and plead for more capabilities not so they can "have more high-tech toys," but because they know their job is to stand between this nation, their loved ones, and the horror that is war.

Congratulations to everyone who contributed to this marvelous issue of the magazine! 

Colonel Daniel W. (Jake) Jacobowitz, USAF (Ret.)
Class of 65’s most loyal non-graduate!
Lorton. Va.