Cawein Gallery showcases seniors' works

At the gallery, Brenna Zendan shows her work.

Ten Pacific art students showcased their work at the final Kathrin Cawein Gallery exhibit of the 2004-05 academic season. Titled “Ages 8 & Up,” the show featured an array of artwork representing each student’s foray into his or her favorite mediums.

Sculpture: Vanessa Rathburn '05

Vanessa Rathburn '05

Exhibiting students and their medium included Kirsten Carlson, printmaking; Vinnie Duyck, ink, paper and graphite; Scott Haselwood, printmaking; Katherine Jenkins, photography; Nathan Labunski, lightography; Melissa Probst, photography; Vanessa Rathbun, ceramics and jewelry; Cheryl Richards, photography; Nadia Wilson, ceramics and jewelry; and Brenna Zedan, papier mache.

Artwork: Brenna Zendan

Brenna Zedan '05

Artwork: Vinnie Duyck '05

Vinnie Duyck '05

Photos by Lindy Morgan '06