Strategic Plan 2010: tradition. transition. transformation

A distinctive combination of learning opportunities

The development of Pacific University’s Strategic Plan 2010 engaged the entire University family in a nearly two year dialogue to reflect the common aspirations and distinctive goals of 17 curricular and co-curricular planning units. The result is a plan of action for a five-year period that will deliver Pacific University to the next level of excellence as a learning community in the context of a vision for its future, rooted in core values and derived from the essential mission of the institution. The plan, which was endorsed by the Board of Trustees at the recent May meeting, will help clearly define Pacific University as the Northwest’s only comprehensive, private liberal arts, education, and health professions university. It is the outline for the unprecedented success of a vibrant and changing University that embraces the best aspects of its noble traditions while transitioning into a truly transformed – and transformational – place of learning and discovery. We envision a Pacific University in 2010 that occupies a unique niche in the state, the region, and the nation.


Photo: The new library and “information commons” opening fall 2005 on the Forest Grove campus, features a spacious atrium, a 24-hour study facility, and state-of-the-art technology.With a venerable and rich liberal arts tradition in the College of Arts and Sciences, a nationally accredited and regionally acclaimed College of Education, and world renowned Colleges of Health Professions and Optometry, Pacific University presents a distinctive combination of learning opportunities that has risen to national prominence and significance. Faculty and staff work with students to weave together dynamic classroom experiences, service learning, international education, internships, research, and co-curricular activities. Pacific also seeks to provide opportunities for personal growth and development, creating living tapestries of understanding about themselves, their disciplines, and their world.

Students in the College of Arts and Sciences are prepared for the rigors of graduate or professional study, the demands of employment, and the complexities of a thoughtful life through an innovative curriculum based in the liberal arts that embraces the whole individual. Integrated advising methods help students discover multiple pathways between current studies and future goals, and bridges among our schools and colleges allow many to remain at Pacific University from freshman year through advanced degrees. Students in the Colleges of Health Professions and Optometry experience a unique interdisciplinary approach and unrivaled blend of programs. Graduating with exemplary clinical skills and innovative approaches to evolving health care issues, they contribute substantially to health promotion and to maximizing triumphs over disease and disability. As vanguards for the future, graduates of the College of Education advance student learning, and become agents of change as they assume leadership positions in local and regional educational communities.

Pacific University provides attractive, state-of-the-art facilities for living and learning in an environment of beauty. Administrators and staff join faculty in their dedication to students and promote a comfortable and unpretentious atmosphere. The University enjoys a pluralistic campus reflected by diversity among its members, thus enhancing its role as a cultural and educational center. Strategically managed enrollment growth insures that programs are consistently revitalized, that financial underpinnings remain solid, and that thoughtful debate among a society of learners flourishes.

By staying true to its unique history, strong sense of community, and tradition of enhancing student experiences in remarkable ways, Pacific University enjoys a national reputation for transforming individual lives and enriching the quality of life wherever its graduates may be found.

Our core values remain essentially unchanged. Pacific aspires to becoming a truly engaged campus, providing opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to transform their lives by becoming more informed, more equipped, and more involved citizens and professionals to the world around them.

integrating themes

Through the strategic planning process, several integrating themes emerged, paving the way for each unit at the University to develop its particular goals and objectives. The themes represent predominant goals and strategies that appear throughout the institution. They provide a useful way to characterize the immediate priorities and direction of the University.


To transform Pacific University and enhance its offerings, Strategic Plan 2010 articulates a series of goals that explicitly direct Pacific University’s planning and actions for the near future. Examples of some of the University’s goals include:

College of Arts & Sciences

Photo: The Professional Studies Building, located on the Forest Grove campus, will open fall 2006 and will be the new home for the College of Education and a Child development center. Art courtesy Richard Jaffe & Graham Eberle Norman Architects, Inc.College of Education

Photo: The Health Professions Campus, near downtown Hillsboro and adjacent to Tuality Healthcare, will open fall 2006. The building will house many of Pacific’s health professions graduate programs and include clinics and research facilities. Art courtesy SRG Partnership, Inc.College of Health Professions

College of Optometry

Support Services


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Mission Statement

Pacific University is a comprehensive teaching institution comprised of the Colleges of Arts and Sciences, Optometry, Education, and Health Professions. We provide a close-knit environment and challenging opportunities that foster undergraduate education in the liberal arts tradition and graduate education for specific service-oriented professions. At Pacific, effective teaching and learning are the highest priorities. Our faculty of scholars is dedicated to instilling in our students a passion for learning through dynamic curricula and close faculty-student interaction. Pacific creates critical thinkers who become life-long learners who can make informed decisions and valuable contributions to society and the world.


The very essence of Pacific University is its core values. Pacific has a remarkable legacy of traditions and pioneering spirit that unite our four Colleges into a University. They are reflected in our behavior and guide us into the future.


The fundamental value and organizing principle that underlies our decisions and actions at Pacific University is our dedication to our students as individuals, providing all with an environment for learning to achieve their aspirations and potential.


Pacific University is a scholarly community valuing academic rigor, integrity, creative endeavors, and ethical professional applications.


The Pacific University community is one of belonging, respect, and recognition of individual worth, whose members share a joint commitment to goals and one another.


Pacific University fosters a sense of purpose grounded in principled action and belief in responsibility beyond the self.


Pacific University provides the context where people expand their knowledge of their own identity, respective disciplines, and larger community, transforming their understanding of themselves and their places in the world.