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Alumni relations enhanced with new alumni chapters, clubs

The concept of alumni chapters and clubs is not a new one for Pacific. Over the years, many such organizations have existed. Over the next few years, however, the plan of the University and the Office of Alumni Relations will be to build upon past efforts and put in place a vibrant, viable, and sustainable program.

Whether you’re old or young, alumni chapters offer you the opportunity to reconnect to something that has been an important part of your life. What turns “I like the University” into “I will act,” “I will attend,” “I will join,” “I will volunteer,” “I will advocate through my legislator,” and “I will give” has to do with building a sustaining relationship with the University. Our goal is to re-engage spirit, pride, loyalty, and connections to the campus and friends by building a strong organization for alumni in their backyards.

Regional chapters are defined as organized groups of Pacific graduates, former students, and friends of the University who live within a designated geographic area. Each chapter will be led by a volunteer board (and in some cases by an individual contact) that works with the Alumni Relations office to plan, implement, and evaluate chapter programs and activities. An affinity club is defined as an organized group who share a common bond through an affinity or other special interest with one another. Many of these groups are based on a shared academic discipline, student activities, or athletics. Similar to regional chapters, each affinity club will be led by a volunteer or board that works with the Alumni Relations office, as well as with a co-sponsoring department or division in many cases, to plan, implement, and evaluate club programs and activities.

We hope to have many of our chapters and clubs up and running soon. The Portland, Hawai’i, San Diego, Los Angeles/Las Vegas, and Puget Sound chapters are already on their way to being established. Please contact the Office of Alumni Relations if you would like to provide leadership or work on a committee.

A well-organized chapter or club will offer you the opportunity to see old friends, meet new friends, give something back to your alma mater (through admissions advocacy, career development, phonathons, etc.), network in your area, continue your education (via speakers, programs, tours, etc.), and educational enrichment.
For our chapters program, we have identified several geographic areas defined by zip code. These defined areas include about 95 percent of Pacific’s alumni (and presumably our parent population). Keep in mind that all alumni – whether from the College of Arts & Sciences, or from the many graduate and professional programs – are included as members. Parents of all current students are also considered members.

The key to the chapters’ success is enthusiastic leadership, active support from the University, and solid organization and planning by the area leadership. Enthusiastic leadership is contagious. We have witnessed passionate alumni gathering together and they are infectious in translating their affection for and dedication to the University to others.

Support from the University will come in the form of lists, ideas, leadership conferences, coordination of speakers, mailing support, etc. Support will also come from the Alumni Association’s Executive Council and its respective committees.

Finally, organization and planning are critical if our chapters/clubs are to sustain themselves. The new revised Alumni Association by-laws are designed to be definitive and to provide for efficient succession of leadership. Division of jobs, so that no one person has to do too much, is important. Planning is also important in terms of giving people things to look forward to.

As the Alumni Relations office continues its work, watch for an alumni chapter to come to your area. To take a leadership role, or simply participate in one aspect of the chapter, visit www.pacificu.edu/alumni/chapters. We will be in touch!

Map: Alumni Zones

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