Boxer Hall of Fame

Once upon a time in the history of Pacific Athletics, the two and three-sport athlete was the rule and not the exception. Prior to the 1980s, many Pacific male athletes participated in two or more sports. In the early days of women's athletics in the 1970s and 1980s, three sports were the norm for the top female performers.

Many of the members of the Pacific Athletic Hall of Fame have been recognized for their efforts in multiple sports.

Victor Adams '51 Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track & Field
Peaches Bode '82, M.A.T. '90 Basketball, Softball
Brenda Wall Brosseau '80, M.S.T. '87 Softball, Basketball
Frank Buckiewicz Sr. '53 Football, Basketball
Nely Agbulos Caberto '82 Softball, Volleyball
Susan Chaffee-Armstrong '83, M.S.T. '87 Track & Field, Volleyball, Basketball
Kris Chatari-Sanchez '78 Volleyball, Basketball
Jim Corrigan '36 Football, Basketball, Baseball
Dick Daniels '66 Football, Track & Field
Jon Elston '66, O.D. '67 Football, Track & Field
Dan French '56, M.S. '64 Basketball, Football, Track & Field
Nancy Jewett '74, '78 Volleyball, Softball
Karen Lally '79 Volleyball, Softball, Basketball
Lloyd Little '75, M.S. '79 Football, Baseball
Gerald Millis '55 Football, Track & Field
Chuck Peterson '60 Wrestling, Football, Track & Field
Cindy Schuppert '83 Basketball, Softball
Steve Sherrill '73 Baseball, Football
Nancy Vanderwerf-Edwards '86 Softball, Volleyball
Robert Wendel '62 Football, Baseball