One Digital Day

In darkness and in light they fanned out across campus. Their mission: to capture people, places, and things as they are in a 24-hour period from midnight April 12 to 11:59 p.m. that evening for the University's inaugural "One Digital Day" photo contest. Digital cameras in hand, students, faculty, and staff looked for an unusual shadow, an odd angle or just people doing what they do at Pacific. It was a Digital Day - frozen in time by photography.

The idea, said Steve Klein, director of the University Center and student activities, came from the worldwide photo shoot some years ago, sponsored by Intel. "We saw it as an opportunity for our local community to give their slant on what Pacific University is, something that says who we are." To add a little incentive, $100 was offered for the best photo, as judged by a panel of august campus veterans and photo enthusiasts. Second place was $50, and third place snagged tickets to a first-run movie.

And so they fanned out pointing lenses every which way. Some 40 photos were submitted. The judges chose "Trees" by Elias Gilman '09 for first place, "McGill" by Jessica Marchbanks '08 for second, and "Knowledge Commute" by Michael Barbee '08 for third place.

To view a slideshow of all the submitted photos, click here.

Trees by Elias GilmanFirst Place Winner "Trees" Elias Gilman '09 explains his photo

The picture is of the southwest corner of campus close to sunset, as the trees cast abundant shadows in the setting sun. Carnegie Hall and (slightly) Old College Hall are visible in the background. I took this photo because the trees on this side of campus are one of the things I really love about Pacific; they really lend to the overall natural feel of the campus. I've always enjoyed walking to class while sheltered and shaded by the trees towering overhead, and the setting sun illuminating this part of campus just made it a beautiful shot. I've merely dabbled in photography over the years, but almost exclusively with film, not digital. I really do like the accessibilty that digital technology has lent to photography- now virtually anyone can get a camera and take as many shots as they want, and print them at home or share them over the internet. This picture was taken using a Kodak DX4330.

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