President's Letter

I have always identified with the unfolding of spring - the quickening pulse of change from bleak to verdant, the daily surprises of new blooms or blossoms, the promise of rebirth and renewal. Even with false starts and detours, you're confident that days will continue to lengthen and temperatures will eventually get warmer. Maybe I can trace this fidelity to spring back to my earlier years and my agrarian existence ... and maybe such feelings are evoked by my adult career in education and the memory of spring's potential. Regardless - and on the day that Punxsutawney Phil (no relation) declared an early spring - I'm a dedicated lover of spring.

Spring on campus is a particularly striking series of events, and this issue of Pacific magazine is literally bursting with all of the new things blooming on campus. Berglund Hall is growing upward and soon will be a showcase building for the College of Education, the Department of Business, an early childhood lab school, and centers for Internet studies and the Holocaust. Construction of Berglund Hall will be completed for classes beginning in January. We soon begin preparing the grounds of the dramatically enhanced athletic fields at Lincoln Park - a collaborative project with the City of Forest Grove - that will change the face of athletics in our community. Our campus master plan, after recent approval by Forest Grove, has started to unfold and illuminate the Pacific University of the future.

Inside Pacific you will discover a photo essay on trees, rich in symbolism and history of the campus giants; a story about the accomplishments of the Talented and Gifted Program at our Eugene College of Education campus; a piece on three generations of basketball players at Pacific; and an opportunity to get the straight skinny from a question and answer feature on Professor Jules Boykoff - a poet, soccer player, and true Renaissance man in the University's Politics and Government division.

As the campus renews itself this spring, I look forward to renewed relationships with current students, alumni, faculty, and friends. We should be in full bloom by Reunion Weekend (June 21-23), so try to be here to share it with us! I really do encourage you to share your thoughts and suggestions with me and others at Pacific. Please drop me a note.

Phil Creighton, President



President Phil Creighton