Remembering Lynn Meredith '44

by Rachel Burbank '09

Lynn Meredith '44 passed away on April 17, 2008 at the age of 84 in Great Falls, Mont. He was a Secret Service agent for eight administrations, including the thousand days of President John F. Kennedy's time in office. Although his job was to protect and take a bullet for the president and their families, if necessary, Meredith was not in Dallas, Texas during JFK's assassination. Instead, he was with the Kennedy children, Caroline and John Jr. Once the news hit the White House, Meredith took them to a park to shield them from the chaos. Meredith, a WWII Navy veteran, also took a lead role in teaching John Jr. how to salute for the famous picture during his father's funeral. Meredith said in an interview with the Missoulian newspaper that he found it ironic the two presidents who most tolerated and believed in protection were the only two shot — a reference to Kennedy and Ronald Reagan. The 32 years he served in the Secret Service went by fast, he said. "It was an interesting job. In a way you lead somebody else's life. Your life is dictated by the people you protect. You are on the edge of history as it is made. And sometimes, keeping a 3-year-old boy occupied before his father is buried, you inadvertently make history."

— Rachael Burbank ‘09