Inspiration Near and Far

By Steve Dodge, Rachel Burbank '09, and Leanne Santella '09

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Clare Richardson-Barlow '08, was shaped both by family experiences and the tumultuous times before she was born. The recent political science graduate believes people can and do make a difference, a notion she derived from her studies — particularly of the Sixties anti-war movement — and her parents' participation in the movement. Her father Jeffrey Barlow, a professor of history and director of the Berglund Center for Internet Studies at Pacific, protested the war while a student at UC Berkeley. Curious about the war's origins, he ended up traveling as a Fulbright Scholar to China during the conflict and has become a noted scholar on Asia. Mom Christine Richardson-Barlow was in Vietnam during the war where her father worked for the State Department. She now teaches at Newberg High School.

Similarly, Clare has participated in marches and actions against the war in Iraq and helped organize a chapter of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), the iconic Sixties group which led protests nationwide during the Vietnam era. Those volatile times showed that young people can be heard and can impact politics and society, she said. While interested in public office herself, for the time being she's continuing her education this fall at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China in the masters in public policy and development program.


Claire Barlow - Fall 2008 - PACIFIC Magazine - Pacific University