Gallery: Sarah Chrusoskie

Showcasing art from the Pacific community.


Sarah Chrusoskie (pronounced Sure-oss-key) loves to photograph people the most, because she finds them fascinating to watch. Naturally, she is most interested in faces, because, she says, "Even with a blank look, the eyes tell a story."

While she shoots digitally most of the time on assignment for clients, these images created for her Senior Project combined digital with traditional darkroom techniques. She converted digital images into large-scale negatives and then exposed them to light-sensitive glass plates. The plates not only involve a hands-on experience which she enjoys, but show texture, bubbles and imperfections that add interest to the pieces. The images themselves illustrate the struggle between conformity and non-conformity. Says Chrusoskie '08, "Each individual sets up a barrier between themselves and the rest of the world in order to blend in or stand out. By printing these faces on glass panes, I mean to metaphorically break down the walls, allowing the world to see through any façade we may create for ourselves."



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