Seven Steps to Build Community

Over these past 18 years with SOLV, in my meeting and working with thousands of these true Oregonians, I've come to realize first hand, that there are really seven steps to building community. It doesn't just happen….

First, Association: Think about those 85,000 volunteers. They are associating with one another.

Second, Dialogue: When we're cleaning those beaches, or restoring degraded wetlands, pulling out that tire from the illegal dump site or painting out racist or gang graffiti, we’re conversing, talking with one another.

Then, Familiarity: We come to realize the thought that, "I never met your kind before." "I never spoke to someone like you be before."

Followed by: Trust. "We do have some things in common. You’re really not like I thought your kind were."

Then comes, Consensus: "My God! There are some things that we can agree on."

Then, Vision: "Look what we can do, accomplish together."

And finally, Action: Action, we are united; action, we can do something; action, let’s do it! -- Jack McGowan

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