Price Family Contributions Add Up to New Home for Mathematics

From Remarks at the Dedication of Price Hall,

Friday, November 9, 2007

By Mike Boardman, Professor of Mathematics

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It’s a pleasure to be here today as we honor an important figure in the history of Pacific University, Henry Price, and to recognize his amazing family with nearly 100 years of commitment to Pacific University.

Henry Price came to Pacific in 1908 as a Mathematics instructor, and for the past 99 years, Prices have been students, alumni, faculty, administrators and trustees. I want to give you a brief glimpse into the influence that the Price family has had on our work here at Pacific.

In 1996, a group of faculty from Physics, Computer Science, and Mathematics was awarded a National Science Foundation grant to install a computer laboratory and resource center in Strain Hall. This center would support development of innovative approaches to the teaching and learning of mathematics and would offer opportunities to expand the curriculum in mathematics. Like all NSF equipment funds, however, this grant required support from additional sources.

In stepped the Price family. Their generosity allowed us to launch the mathematics lab and as a result to transform the way students study and learn mathematics at Pacific University. Incidentally, the Mathematics lab carries the name of James Price ’38, Henry’s son, who also earned his Bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Pacific.

The newly renovated second floor of Price Hall, that I hope you will all tour today, has allowed another transformation of our mathematics program. Inside the building you’ll find classrooms that allow faculty to seamlessly switch between traditional chalkboard talks, multimedia presentation, small group activities, and in-class student presentation through computer projection, document cameras, and reliable wireless internet.

Our new space for the James Price Memorial mathematics lab is larger and more flexible than the original in Strain Hall. And, large, well-outfitted offices allow faculty to work effectively with individual students and with groups of students.

And these offices are busy. Right now, the mathematics program is experiencing explosive growth in the numbers of students studying advanced mathematics and majoring in mathematics. Much of this is the result of this well-planned space that provides the opportunity for community building, and innovative approaches to classroom and computer laboratory teaching and learning.

It is fitting that our new home for mathematics is named for Dr. Price, a mathematician whose family has had such a profound influence on generations of students at Pacific University.

On behalf of the faculty of the College of Arts & Sciences, the Division of Natural Sciences, and specifically the Mathematics and Computer Science faculty, I offer my deepest gratitude to the Price family for their incredible commitment to Pacific University, its mission, and its students.






Interior of Hnery F. Price Hall - Spring 2008 - PACIFIC Magazine - Pacific University

Interior of Price Hall,

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