Change in Attitude

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As for key accomplishments, one could point to many things-gold rated residence halls within a year and on budget, a first-rate library and Berglund Hall that puts the College of Education on the map. One could also point to the athletic fields, the elevation of athletic endeavor and the fresh and revitalized partnership with the city (Forest Grove) to create a safe, attractive and very user-friendly outdoor venue.

Then one could talk to the genius of pulling the disparate graduate schools together and literally creating a brand new profile for the University by the creation of an urban campus and the alliance of health professions with the local hospital to gain a prominence no single program of ours could have achieved on its own.

But I think all of the above would not have been possible if Phil had not first been able to change the attitude of Pacific University. To inspire us as a collective whole to believe that we were capable of great change, that we deserved a stunning future, and that we needed to own that conviction not with arrogance, but with focus and confidence was the most important "key accomplishment".

Once that attitude shift began, all of the rest was possible. We used to constantly compare ourselves to others and often lose in the comparison - other places had larger endowments, modern facilities, greater resources. Now we need only compare ourselves to what we want to be like in the future. By staying focused on that and moving toward that vision, we put our energies and creativity to better use. We’ve stopped watching what other places are doing, and now they are watching us.

That new mindset is what really transformed Pacific, and what should remain as a legacy to future students, faculty and staff long after the new bricks and mortar begin to age.

- Eva Krebs, Vice President of Student Affairs and Administration