The Long Walk

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I think any story I would tell about Phil is the same one everyone would tell. When I take a walk across campus with him, he knows everyone we walk past and he stops and talks with each one. It is just so obvious that he likes the students and the faculty and staff and that they like him also. I think that is one of his strengths and leads to the success he has had here. He gets everyone on his side.

Aside from that, I am sure his key accomplishment was to rally everyone, faculty, staff and board to getting behind a plan for a Health Professions Campus in Hillsboro. It was planned, executed and has made every benchmark we set for it. It has raised the awareness of Pacific, in Hillsboro, Washington County, Oregon and the Nation. Aside from the success of the programs established there, it has energized the Forest Grove Campus as well and helped the University achieve solid financial stability across all activities.

Phil is not only a kind, caring, popular person; he is also extremely intelligent and strategic. He has guided all of us to successes we had dreamed about but had not been able to put into practice. Fifty years from now someone will write another book about Pacific and Phil's chapter(s) will tell the story of how he prepared this place for the next 50 to 100 years.

- Tim Schauermann, Chair, Pacific Board of Trustees