Still Solid and Growing

Higher education always presents an array of challenges and opportunities. At Pacific, we are fortunate to be in a strong and stable position to address the budget stresses the economy is presenting. I sincerely believe that the challenges other institutions are experiencing represent an opportunity for Pacific.

We are responding aggressively to our students’ need. For example, when the State of Oregon recently reduced the Oregon Opportunity Grant to our students, we were able to make up the difference from Financial Aid, and none of our Oregon students were adversely affected. We also recently announced the availability of the new Boxer Spirit Scholarship-a merit based scholarship of up to $2,500 awarded to students in good academic standing for the next academic year. This scholarship complements our Success-based Funding Program that increases a student’s need-based financial aid proportional to the cost of attendance increases at Pacific. The goal of both of these financial aid opportunities is to increase retention rates across the four years of the undergraduate experience.

Because our budget is heavily tuition dependent, we all must be seriously involved in improving undergraduate and graduate recruitment and retention. As usual, our faculty and staff, led by our admissions crew, have been pulling out all the stops reminding prospective students why Pacific’s personalized mentor-based education is so special. Also, our tuition still compares quite favorably to other schools, including the large public institutions.

How can we be certain in an uncertain world? Many of you know that I’m an advocate of the five P’s: "proper preparation prevents poor performance", and to that end I’ve asked each Vice President to prudently develop contingency plans-just in case the financial environment gets considerably worse. I think planning, and developing a process to adjust budgets when we are in a strong position will help us identify those "core values" that we would adhere to in difficult times to sustain community and mission.

As always I wish you the very best. We have much to be proud of and much left to do. I look forward to hearing from you and to seeing you soon.

Warm regards,

Phil Creighton, President







President Phil Creighton - Pacific University