Meet the Royal Court

50th Anniversary Lu'au Royal Court, King Gary Paccaro and Queen Joyce Etrata Wachsmuth with princes and princesses.

King Gary Pacarro ’74, in red robe, stands with Queen Joyce Etrata Wachsmuth ’68 (left) and other members of the Royal Court, traditionally honoring alumni from each of the Islands. Prince and princesses also included Jeff ‘88 and Jana Valera Chun ’89 (center) representing Hawai’i; Cher Higashihara Takemoto ’97 and Blaine Takemoto ’94, Oahu; and Terilyn Antonio Higa ‘95, Maui.

The court also included (not pictured), Patrick Higa ’94, Maui; Kaleo Pahukula ’94 and Andrea Wageman Pahukula ’96, Kauai; Kevin Moore ’82 and Allyson Ogi Moore ’83, Molokai; Tom Zyp ’68 and Jan Kiyota Zyp ’68, Ni’ihau; Clark Peters ’65 and Rae Salvador Peters ’70, Lanai; Neil Amina ’86 and Louann Garvin Amina ’84, Kahoolawe.

Photo by Reese Moriyama '10

In honor of the 50th Golden Anniversary lu'au, Pacific brought back the old tradition of the Royal Court—crowning a king and queen, and princes and princesses, to represent each Hawaiian island. This year, the court is represented by alumni who have been involved—and have stayed involved—with Pacific and with the Hawai'i Club. Lu'au King Gary Pacarro '74, the only Pacific University Trustee from Hawai'i, says, "There's so much tradition around this event that I see it as a great honor to be king. I hope I can represent the students that have come before and after me well."

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