Pacific College of Education Research Activities

Following are just a few of the many research endeavors in Pacific University’s College of Education:

Nancy Meltzoff is on sabbatical to work on her most recent project, a book titled "The Impact of Cultural Immersion on Emerging Teachers". Meltzoff has extensive experience in multicultural education, diversity training and writing pedagogy. Other publications have appeared in The School Community Journal, Rethinking Schools, and Northwest Passage.

Glenda Moss emphasizes critical narrative methods, scholar-practitioner teacher leadership, and critical self-reflection through portfolio assessment. Her current project is titled "Narrative Analysis of a Scholar-Practitioner Framework: Building an Environment of Inquiry for Preparing Classroom Teachers". Previous publications appeared in Teacher Education & Practice, Reflective Practice, and Teaching and Teacher Education.

Kevin Carr advocates for science education, preparing science teachers at both secondary and primary grade levels. His work-in-process is titled "Use of Artistic Representations in Assessing Learning in Introductory Astronomy". Other work has appeared in Action Research, Educational Action Research, The Physics Teacher, and International Journal of the Book.

Richard Paxton has finished co-authoring a book titled "The Reality of it All", about the use movies in history classrooms. This was a multi-year project that included case studies from classrooms across the United States. Other publications of include "Celluloid Blackboard: Teaching History with Film and Social Studies" and "The Press: Keeping the Beast at Bay".