Pacific College of Optometry Research Activities

Following are just a few of the many research endeavors in Pacific University’s College of Optometry:

Bradley Coffey, a sports vision expert, has had a long-term research arrangement with NeuroComm, a Portland-based company that specializes in instrumentation to measure body sway.

Beth Kinoshita is leading a research project called the Contact Lens Assessment in Youth (CLAY) study, a retrospective chart review which examines the contact lens complication rate in youth. It is an on-going study at six universities.

James Sheedy published a paper titled "Effects of Postural and Visual Stressors on Myofascial Trigger Point Development and Motor Unit Rotation during Computer Work", which was submitted for publication in Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology. Sheedy is currently writing a book entitled "Eyes and Ears: Foundation for Mind, Civilization and God".

James Kundart, John R. Hayes, Yu-Chi Tai, and James Sheedy collaborated on two studies that appeared in Vision Ergonomics Research Group. They are titled "Gunnar Optiks Study: Accommodation and Symptoms" (2007) and "Gunnar Optiks Study: Electromyography and Tear Volume" (2008). Kundart is interested in investigating visual response to handheld electronic devices. Hayes teaches evidence-based optometry, public health and the Masters research methods course. Tai is Lab Manager and a research scientist.

Shun-Nan Yang published a study entitled "Effects of Microstimulation of the Dorsomedial Frontal Cortex in Macaque Monkeys" in the Journal of Neurophysiology. Yang’s research and graduate work is on cognitive neuroscience with an emphasis on cognitive control of eye movements in reading.