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"It was something I was really excited about. It was sudden and wasn't planned, but those types of things happen and I'm glad I found that out before I was in a career I didn't want to be"


Class of 2009

First Steps 

I am a History major and I chose it because I knew I wanted to become a teacher. I wanted to be able to work with students and be involved in education. I had considered other majors that I could teach at the high school level and eventually decided that History was the most interesting. When teaching I would be able to teach different types and time periods in history. Having that much variety was very appealing to me.


I was hesitant to settle on a History major. I was never a big fan of history in high school except I did enjoy my Civics & Government class but other than that history did not seem interesting. Luckily, in college you can pick courses that interest YOU. I’ve mainly focused on US and contemporary history. Being able to choose the types of history I was interested in really contributed to me enjoying my major. Now I really enjoy studying history.

Finding a Pathway

This last summer I was a teacher’s assistant at my old middle school. I was able to work closely with a social studies class and help her with the curriculum. I also assisted students who were not fluent in English. I enjoyed getting to know the students. They were always very excited to hear about my college experience. I had the opportunity to have a college exploration class where students researched schools and ways to fund their education. That was probably the most rewarding part of my summer—helping students who never thought college was an option to see that it is possible.


This experience was amazing. I had a lot of fun in the classroom and connecting with students. Even though I did have fun that summer, I also learned that teaching wasn’t something I really wanted to do. This came as a big surprise to me. I had volunteered at this school when I was home during breaks, but getting up and teaching everyday was not something I wanted to do. Thinking that I was now changing career paths right before I entered into my senior year was a frightening thing. I had my ten year plan all figured out. I was going to teach for a few years, go back to school to earn another masters in administration, then go on to become a principle and eventually a superintendent. That was my plan and in one month it all changed.

I knew I still wanted to go into education and luckily I had the opportunity these past three years to work in Residence Life at Pacific. Right now my plan is to get a masters degree in Higher Education and study education policy. So my summer teaching experience led me to something new. It was something I was really excited about. It was sudden and wasn’t planned, but those types of things happen and I’m glad I found that out before I was in a career I didn’t want to be.


I have had a lot of success this year with my thesis. The faculty is really supportive and providing tons of guidance. I am glad that I found a topic that really interests me. Although it is intimidating to write a 30-40 page research paper, I am enjoying the process.

Class of 2008

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