French students produce international radio show

Students in French 311 and 411 produced a segment for an online French radio station

French major Rose Dahl recently got the opportunity to learn all about electro music. Then she had to figure out how to explain it to people in a foreign country, in a foreign language.

Students from the French 311 and 411 classes, along with teaching assistant Jessica Lebbe, have been producing a radio show that is broadcasted in France all the way from the Forest Grove campus. 

The students get to practice their foreign language skills while talking about such things as the latest movies, local bands and general life in America in a radio show that is then broadcasted on the Internet to the French audience, Lebbe explained.

“The concept is to share the American culture to the French audience through the radio,” Lebbe said.

“It was really interesting to put myself in the shoes of a young French audience and think about what they would be interested in hearing and the nuances of American culture that would have to be explained and teased out in order to make sense,” Dahl said.

So far, the students have completed one radio show that was broadcasted on Oct. 26. The first radio show was live at 11 a.m. Forest Grove time and 8 p.m. in France.

Lebbe helped create the project and used her connections to make it happen.

“I'm used to working for this radio in France so it was easy for me to incorporate them in such a great project. The program is exclusively in French because, although Click'N'Rock broadcasts all around the world, the audience and its creators are mostly French,” Lebbe said.

To prepare for the project, Lebbe and her students worked hard on pronunciation and voice training. In addition, students have worked on brainstorming, interviewing, translating, dubbing and editing the content.

“I learned a lot about taking an interesting conversation, story or concept and turning it into a short, fast-paced, but rich radio show,” Dahl said.

The project has been designed to be a part of the French 311 and 411 course, and it counts as an oral presentation, Lebbe said.

“Because we were translating this show from English to French, we had to dub over everything in French,” Dahl said. “This was a challenge linguistically, but also such a great exercise that I learned a lot from. I think the show turned out great, full of interesting stories and sounding very professional.”

The next show will take place Wednesday, Dec. 7 from 11 p.m. to midnight (West coast time) on Click'N'Rock and Lebbe is hoping to involve the lower-level language courses in coming shows.

Click here for a podcast of the first show. Click’N’Rock also has a Facebook page.

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