Professor Deke Gunderson to present "The Science & Art of Permaculture" in Hillsboro on Jan. 30

Dr. Gunderson's talk is the latest installment of OMSI's Science Pub Hillsboro series, which takes place at the Venetian Theatre & Bistro. Free admission.

Pacific University professor Deke Gunderson will present "The Science and Art of Permaculture" at 7 p.m. Monday, Jan. 30 in Hillsboro's Venetian Theatre & Bistro (253 E. Main Street).

Gunderson's talk is the latest installment of OMSI's Science Pub Hillsboro, an informal lecture series that features some of region's foremost experts on science and technology.

Admission is free and aimed at adult audiences in both level of conversation and subject matter.

Gunderson will discuss a sustainable design concept known as permaculture. Derived from the words 'permanent' and 'agriculture,' the term is used to describe design systems that work with nature and all living organisms, including plants, animals and humans, rather than systems that fulfill only human demands.

Permaculture includes a combination of biological concepts such as organic farming and using native plants in yards and gardens, as well as ethical considerations such as reducing waste and ensuring all communities have adequate basic resources like clean water and nutritious food.

Gunderson will lead a lively evening of insight and good conversation about the design science of permaculture, how it got started and its benefits for all living species.

He is a professor of environmental science at Pacific and coordinator of its Life and Sol Garden.

During his 11 years at the University, Gunderson has chaired the Environmental Studies program and co-directed the University's B Street Permaculture Project.

His is an expert on environmental toxicology and sustainability education, and is currently interested using permaculture as a natural systems design for teaching sustainability in higher education.

Gunderson received his permaculture certification from the Bullock's Permaculture Homestead in Orcas Island, Wash. He has taught permaculture at Pacific since 2007 and published several peer-reviewed articles on toxicology, sustainable design, and permaculture.




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