Carlisle Harrison '57 & Lydia (Fahner) Harrison '60

Boxers share their stories on how they found love under the oaks.

I was a senior on campus who arrived early because I drove a school bus. To fill in my time between bus schedules and before classes began, I would work in the cafeteria. Besides earning money, it was an opportunity to meet the new girls who would be attending a week of orientation.

It was in the cafeteria line that I first saw Lydia. I knew I had to move quickly because the purported odds were six men for every woman on campus. With my full schedule and the end of the week approaching, I was becoming desperate in trying to find a way to meet this cute little gal. I asked her if she wanted to go on a ride out in the country. When I explained it would be on a school bus, I think she saw it as a novel adventure and consented.

Not many girls could claim their first date was on a school bus with the driver being their date. We did follow with a legendary Tip Top nickle root beer float offered by Mr. Watrus to students. Lydia remembers the ride as one where the high school boys were making comments and some of the girls, who were only a year younger than her, glaring at her.

As the weeks progressed I made sure I had my bid in for dates for every activity on campus. It wasn't too long before we were known as an item on campus and the threat of possible competition was over.

We, along with a few others, became engaged during the Christmas break and were married at the end of June in 1957. We spent our first summer in a forest service cabin. That fall I began teaching junior high science in Hermiston, and we still reside here.

We have enjoyed returning to Pacific for our respective reunions and reflecting on the romance that blossomed in 1956-57 and continues for these 55 years together.  

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