Alumni Association President gives back to his alma mater

Alumni Association President Michael Haslebacher '97 recounts his time at Pacific and looks toward his future goals.

Michael Haslebacher ’97 originally joined Pacific’s Alumni Association Board of Directors as a way to stay connected with the university. Now, six years later as the president, he is working to achieve goals to continue Pacific’s legacies and provide for future students, all the while appreciating the qualities he developed during his time as a student.

Staying connected was important to him after spending four influential years at Pacific. His time was filled with more than just academics; he was an athlete on the men’s soccer team and a member of Greek life along with various clubs.

According to Haslebacher, joining the alumni board is not only a great way for graduates to stay connected with the university, but also to be a part of decisions that will provide current and future students with benefits alumni had while they were students.

“Pacific gives you the opportunity to take on a leadership role if you want to. Pacific helps you become a leader,” Haslebacher said. “It prepares you for the work world.”

As a Pacific student, Haslebacher “got to meet a lot of different interesting people from a lot of different places.”

An entrepreneur residing in Portland, Haslebacher likes being local so he can be involved with the association, interacting with alumni and being involved with the planning of his alma mater’s future.

During his time on the Alumni Association Board, he has had the opportunity to learn about Pacific’s history and get to know alumni from all eras, the university’s administration and other university leaders. “It gives you another view of the university,” said Haslebacher.

When interacting with alumni, Haslebacher enjoys discovering and bonding over things everybody has in common through their time at Pacific.

His goals for the future include expanding the interaction and communication between the alumni board and the entire Alumni Association, and getting the Alumni Association more involved with the rest of the university.

The Alumni Association Board of Directors is looking for new members! The Board meets three times a year on Saturdays. Please contact Martha Calus-McLain ’03, Director of Alumni Relations for more information at or 503-352-2764.

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