Marilyn (Gould) Knauf '58 and Edward Knaug '57

These stories share how love was nurtured under the oaks.

Who would have thought a blind date to a football game would have grown into a marriage partnership of more than 50 years?

"What makes it even more humorous is that in youthful vanity, I didn't wear my much-needed glasses and we sat in row TT," said Marilyn. The feidl and the players were apparent, but not much else.

Edward and Marilyn have had many adventures together, some great, some not. Through the good times and bad, the necessary components of our long term romance have been love and affection, an extraordinarily good sense of humor, courtesy and respect for each other.

They are very good friends and find something to laugh about every day. They have been fortunate indeed after that first time meeting in September of 1954 at Pacific University.

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