Public invited to attend a recording of radio show "Philosophy Talk"

"Why Be Moral?" Join hosts John Perry and Ken Taylor as they discuss with scholar James Sterba. Free admission.

The public is invited to attend a recording of the nationally-syndicated radio program Philosophy Talk at 7:30 p.m. Friday, April 20 in Pacific University's Taylor-Meade Performing Arts Center (2014 Cedar Street, Forest Grove).

The program is produced by Ben Manilla Productions on behalf of Stanford University, and hosted by professors John Perry (UC Riverside) and Ken Taylor (Stanford).

Admission is free for the recording of "Why Be Moral?", a conversation with Notre Dame philosophy professor James Sterba.

The event is part of Philosophy Talk's Oregon Trail Tour 2012 in which the program will record episodes at Oregon State University and Lewis & Clark College prior to the stop at Pacific.

The occasion marks the fourth consecutive year that Philosophy Talk has recorded an episode at Pacific as part of the University's annual Undergraduate Philosophy Conference, which attracts hundreds of students from throughout North America.

The conversation will delve into the questions of morality: Is there a reason one ought to be moral in the first place? How can we derive morality from reason? Isn’t it possible to be a rational but amoral or even immoral person? And if morality comes from reason, how could we have rational moral disagreements with one another?

Philosophy Talk's appearance is supported by a grant from the Elise Elliott Fund.

For more information, please call (503) 352-2150.


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