Kelsey Kallioinen PTS '13

Kelsey received the Sara Hopkins-Powell Endowed Scholarship. During July and December 2011, Kelsey was fortunate to have two experiences with physical therapy in Latin America.

These both presented tangible situations and cultural contexts which have further shaped her goals as a physical therapist. She studied medical Spanish and volunteered in the teaching hospital's rehabilitation clinic through the Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara, México. Here, Kelsey was introduced to the role of therapy in the Mexican culture. She learned that, though the desire to change is quite common, difficulties arise with the depth to which the culture is integrated in society. Kelsey also participated with Pacific University's interdisciplinary team to serve elders in Esteli, Nicarâgua in partnership with the Jessie F. Richardson Foundation. Kelsey joined an interdisciplinary team of students and faculty that visited two elder homes in Nicaragua and worked with the caregivers and nuns to provide present and ongoing care for the elders. The group was presented with an award from the Mayor of Granada during this trip.

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