Angelica Rockquemore

"I believe that Anthropology is the icing on my three tiered wedding cake of majors, it solidifies and brings everything together to create one big delicious dessert"

International and Diverse Perspectives


First Steps 

I am currently majoring in International Studies, Anthropology/Sociology and Japanese. It may seem overly ambitious when you first read all three majors yet I feel that all three majors nicely complement each other and have laid a solid foundation for my future career goals and the person I desire to become.

One of the significant factors that led me to choose International Studies as one of my majors was that it encompassed a holistic approach to intercultural studies. This included a variety of history, culture and elective courses that allowed me to gain an understanding and appreciation of cultural studies from a variety of perspectives. Also, part of the International Studies major program requires language study which led me to desire to complete a Japanese language major in conjunction with the International Studies major coursework. I have realized from my courses here at Pacific as well as my time studying abroad in Japan that learning and studying the Japanese language presents countless opportunities to encounter great learning experiences.  While taking the various courses for both my International Studies and Japanese major, I found that while both were fulfilling and quickly becoming my passion, there was something missing, and this was Anthropology. I fell in love with Anthropology because of Marsh Hall. The architecture of the rustic brick walls and grand staircases were two things that initially motivated me to take a class in Marsh Hall, but once inside it was my Introduction to Anthropology class that made coming to Marsh Hall the highlight of my freshman year at Pacific University.  I believe that Anthropology is the icing on my three tiered wedding cake of majors, it solidifies and brings everything together to create one big delicious dessert. In taking Introduction to Anthropology, initially to satisfy the general requirements for graduation, I fell in love with how it focused on the variety of ways in which human beings ascribe meaning in their everyday lives. I realized that the studies of Anthropology were applicable and of great importance in my course work and felt in my heart that these three subject areas were destined to be fused together.

Finding A Pathway 

As part of the International Studies and Japanese major coursework, studying abroad is a requirement and so it was only fitting that I decided to study abroad in Japan. But more than just fulfilling a language or credit requirement, my desires to study abroad in Japan were to envelop myself in the Japanese culture and to study Japanese landscape architecture, specifically garden architecture.  I have always admired and been amazed by Japan’s historical and cultural symbiotic relationship with Nature and how it has been translated into landscape architecture. I am so grateful for my time spent in Japan not only for studying the language and culture, but also for the opportunities to study Japanese garden architecture. These experiences have solidified and fueled my future career goals and dreams of being a landscape architect. My experiences studying abroad in Japan have provided me with confidence that I really and truly can do anything that I set my mind to, and I will use these experiences as a springboard for achieving my future career goals in the field of landscape architecture.


The best advice that I could pass on to anyone desiring to either undertake three majors or study abroad is best described in the words of my mother, “your attitude determines your altitude and how far you will go.” That being said, having a positive attitude in anything you do will help you to succeed in any and all of your endeavors.  I believe that given the chance, everyone should spend time studying abroad. As cliché as it sounds,  you learn so much about yourself, which is extremely beneficial to any young individual who is navigating his or her way through life decisions.

Class of 2010

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