Use LinkedIn to Nail your Job Search stands between you and your next great career opportunity. Read these 10 tips on how to use your best job search tool and enjoy the process.

  1. Get over any reservations (e.g., FB’s cooler, twitter’s better, my parents are in there, etc.). LinkedIn is just a tool—maybe useful, maybe not, depending on the need. Don’t grab a wrench when you need to hit something, but if job search is a nail, LI’s your hammer. Just join.
  2. Create a minimalist profile for starters—it’ll take 5 minutes. When you upload your photo, use good judgment.
  3. Join the Pacific University Group. This is the number one reason for students and new grads to join LI. The PU group contains over 1000 profiles of alumni involved in careers, employers, industries, etc. of relevance to your career plans. They are available to talk with you about your plans—to answer questions, connect you to their contacts, and most importantly just to lead by example. Read their profiles: see what successful people do when they graduate.
  4. Peruse many profiles to see what makes some compelling and others not, and then refine your own profile. And even if you’re lost and job searching, don’t advertise that. Project the best of what you have to offer in terms of what you’ve done and are interested in doing.
  5. Make your profile reflect accomplishment, ambition, professionalism, capability, and engagement—commitment to work that grabs you.
  6. Get help from the Career Development Center as needed to develop and refine language that conveys the above—you’re not in this alone, and there are very capable staff available and excited to help you.
  7. Develop a set of questions that, once answered, will bring you closer to your career goals.
  8. Starting with the Pacific University Group in LI, identify some fellow Boxers who you think might be well qualified and positioned to respond to some of your questions. Reach out, ask a few if they’d be willing to trade a couple of emails with you or talk on the phone for 20 minutes—or better yet, meet you in person for coffee and Q&A.
  9. Build your network on LI—aiming for authentic connections with people you know—and refine your profile to look sharp. Explore the features of LI, joining other groups and discussions.
  10. Ask staff in the Career Development Center for help with all of the above. Just do it.

Posted by Brian O'Driscoll ( on Sep 13, 2012 at 9:14 AM

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