Students Prepare for Homecoming Traditions

If there is one thing that spans time at Pacific, it's tradition.

From Boxer Tosses to Sign, Shake and Ring, the student experience is steeped in rituals that bridge generations and celebrate what it means to wear “Pacific” proudly emblazoned on their sleeves.

In just a few short weeks, the ultimate showcase of Pacific spirit will be upon us – Homecoming. In between reading for class and socializing with friends, students are putting into motion plans to perpetuate longstanding traditions and attempt to create new traditions on their own.

The student Homecoming committee has crafted a week of festivities leading up to the big weekend. The week kicks off with the annual Medallion Search hosted by Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow (STAT), a student group dedicated to fostering school spirit and engaging students with alumni. This week-long search sends students all around campus as they solve clues that bring them one step closer to finding the hidden medallion. Clues are designed to shed a little light on the history and culture of Pacific. It’s quite a sight to see students rummaging through bushes!

STAT will also host a celebration in honor of Pacific’s 163nd birthday at Noon Tunes on Thursday, September 27.

In an effort to encourage inter-club partnerships, the committee has developed a 4-part competition spanning Homecoming week. Points are awarded as teams take part in each of the 4 activities, highlighting a different set of skills.

The first activity, the Banner Competition, exhibits the ‘artist’ within as they put colors to canvas. The banners will be on display through Homecoming weekend outside of the University Center.

From the ‘artist’ we move to the ‘athlete’. Students will dip, duck and dodge in a friendly, but vigorous, game of dodge ball. This popular activity is back for its second year! Could it be a new tradition in the making?

This next activity, the Dorm Storm, will create a bit of chaos as hordes of students storm the dorms to stir up energy for the big weekend.

Finally, the competition ends with a tradition familiar among many of alumni, the Noise Parade and Bonfire. From out-of-this-world floats to choreographed song and dance, the Noise Parade and Bonfire will culminate a week’s worth of activities into a dazzling spectacle of school spirit.

Beyond the games and competitions, there are a number of opportunities for students to interact with alumni during Homecoming. On Saturday morning, students are invited to join alumni at the Pacific University Community Pancake Breakfast. Members of student clubs are encouraged to come and sit with their club’s alumni to share stories and experiences.

And, of course, the big football game will bring people from all classes together to cheer for our Boxer football players as they, hopefully, give us a big win!

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