Film Student in search of House

Anika Tobiason, a senior in the film department, is in search of a house in which to shoot her senior project.

Anika Tobiason, a film student at Pacific University (Forest Grove) is looking for a house in which to shoot her senior project. 

Desired style: Victorian Gothic/Turn of the Century-esque, old-fashioned, bourgeois

Shooting dates: December 16-22 or Dec. 27-January 4, full-day shoots if possible

Compensation: I am able to offer a small monetary compensation and take all cleanup responsibility. Great care will be taken to ensure nothing goes wrong and nothing gets broken or ruined. I will gladly sign a liability form that names me responsible for any damages.

Synopsis: This film chronicles the deterioration of one family’s psyche. Mother, abandoned by husband and friends and left with only her children, falls into a destructive, neurotic depression. Sister attempts to escape the family while the twins yearn for order, balance and affection. 

The house is an integral part of the mood of the film. The “old money,” bourgeois feel that I hope to embody in the production design is important for establishing context and background information on the characters.

Thank you for your consideration!

For more information and/or a copy of the script, please contact Anika Tobiason at or 360-348-6191

Posted by Anika Tobiason ( on Sep 18, 2012 at 2:41 PM

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