Need a break? Visit the OASIS!

Feeling stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed? Need a place to relax or meditate? The Oasis (UC 114) has it all! FREE and self-serve - Check out the key at the PIC!

The Oasis is Pacific University's answer to stress, anxiety and the cares of daily life. Inside you will find the latest technology to assist you on your journey to relaxation and wellness. Amenities include:

The Oasis is self-guided, as we believe you are the one who is best able to tailor it to your needs. A manual is provided to assist you in determining how best to use the services. The key can be checked out with your BoxerID or driver's license, and time slots are 45 minutes.

The Oasis is available to students, staff, and faculty free of charge.

If you have questions about the space, or would like an individual consultation on how the Oasis can best work for you, please contact Dr. Joselyne Perry at or 503-352-2273.

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