Furuya (Pacific Hip-Hop Club) Was Selected to Break Dance Invitational Competion

Mike Furuya from Pacific Hip-Hop Club was selected to be among the top eight available upcoming break dancers for the "King of the Hill" Showcase for the "From the Ground Up" Break Dance Competition At Reed College (Portland, OR) on October 13th, 2012.

King of the Hill is when there is one champion and one challenger and the remaining break dancers wait in a line to challenge the champion. In this showcase the break dancer who accumulates the most wins in a twenty minute time frame is the winner. Furuya did not win the competition, but gave a good fight and gained respect because he was selected. 

Getting selected for this competition does not happen to anyone. This is significant for Pacific Hip-Hop Club, because in break dance, the more respect an individual recieves, the more known his "crew" or group will get. Thus, it will give the Hip-Hop Club an opportunity to get connected with well known dancers in Portland and get offered special opportunities and more chances to shine as a group. 

Video Footage From YouTube:

King of The Hill Part 1


Mike Furuya's Sets: 2:24; 9:18


King of the Hill Part 2


Mike Furuya's Sets: 5:20; 6:17; 7:39

Posted by Michael Furuya (mike_furuya@pacificu.edu) on Oct 22, 2012 at 11:32 AM

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