Teach For America: Third Deadline 11/5

The third deadline for the 2013 Teach For America Corps is Monday November 5 at 9am PST

Sixteen million children in our country are living in poverty.  Of those children, only 50% of them will actually graduate from high school, but they will be at an eighth grade reading level.  That means when those children are in fourth grade, they will probably be at a kindergarten reading level. It's not because they can't learn, they just haven't been given the educational opportunities they deserve.  The bottom-line is that we are not living up to the concept that our country was founded on: the idea of equal opportunities.  

Teach for America is a national non-profit organization that is dedicated to closing the academic achievement gap in our country.  We do this by recruiting outstanding college graduates to commit to teaching for two years in one of our nation's lowest-income communities.  They work relentlessly for those two years to put their students on a level and equal playing field.  We place our "corps members," as we call our teachers, in 46 different regions all over the country, in both urban and rural communities, from New York City to New Orleans to South Dakota to the Bay Area to Hawaii. 

Our corps members receive full salary and benefits from their school districts.  Teach For America is a financially viable option for recent post-grades because on top of their fill salary and benefits, they can put any student loans into forbearance, meaning they don't have to pay them until after their two year corp commitment.  They also receive an AmeriCorps Educational award to help pay off their loans or to be used for future educational purposes.  Teach For America also takes care of all training and certification, so whether you're a biology, exercise science, art, or education major, you can apply!!

After the two years, we have alumni who stay in education, as leaders for change from within the system, while other alumni enter other fields, everything from policy to business to law to medicine, to be leaders for change in those fields, and work on creating systemic changes from outside to solve this problem in the long run.

Applicants must have their bachelors degree by June of 2013, a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 and be a US citizen.  Our third deadline is coming up on MONDAY NOVEMBER 5 at 9am PST.  Apply online at www.teachforamerica.org.  We will also be having two more deadlines (January 11 and February 15).  Please join me and the other applicants from Pacific University and submit your Teach For America application.  

If you have any questions or would like to meet in person, send me an email (murp3902@pacificu.edu).  


-Tawni Murphy (Teach For America Campus Campaign Coordinator at Pacific University)

Posted by Tawni Murphy (murp3902@pacificu.edu) on Nov 1, 2012 at 3:36 PM

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