Thanksgiving Break 2012

Thanksgiving Break 2012

Are you looking forward to spending time with your son or daughter this Thanksgiving break? This year Thanksgiving break is scheduled for Wednesday November 21st thru Friday November 23rd.  While expectations may be high for this holiday event, your expectations and your young adult’s expectations may be very different.  You may have imagined time in the kitchen cooking together, and long talks.  Your son or daughter may have expectations of visits with friends, and sleeping in.  Realistically many students will be bringing home laundry and homework.  When these two different sets of expectations collide, disappointment can occur.  A few simple steps can help to avoid disappointment for you and your young adult.

Call your young adult and ask him or her if they have any plans for the holiday visit.  They may have plans to visit with friends.  A lot has changed in their lives since leaving for school and they may want and feel the need to share these new experiences with their friends.  Your son or daughter may also want to utilize this time to get ahead on assignments.  Professors sometimes assign homework that is due right after the break.  Your young adult may do a lot of sleeping.  Schoolwork at Pacific University can be rigorous and many students will have just completed several midterms.  It is a good idea to share with your son or daughter what your plans are and be flexible.

The Thanksgiving break is a great time to encourage your young adult.  If it is their first time away at school, they may be experiencing some anxiety for the upcoming finals.  They may also be experiencing feelings of being out of place when they are at college.  This is your chance to let your child share their experiences with you.  Let them vent away and then be supportive letting them know that these feelings will pass. 

If your young adult is unable to come home for the holiday, let them know you are thinking of them by sending them a thoughtful card with a gift certificate to a movie theater; many of the holiday movies come to town during this time.  Flowers, a care package from RHA Care Packages,, or other favorite gift will keep them feeling connected to home.  Let them know that you are looking forward to them coming home at Winter Break and then you can plan at least one meal if not more to sit down and enjoy being a family.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted by Angela Surratt ( on Nov 9, 2012 at 4:32 PM

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