Pacific STEM Teachers Take Leadership

Bekah Gomez, Sarah Foltz, Kellie Takamori, & Caitlin Clark

Pacific Noyce alumni present regional NSF workshop on STEM teacher preparation in high needs schools

Pacific Noyce alumni Bekah Gomez (pictured) and Caitlin (Nichols) Clark co-presented a workshop tititled Preparing Noyce Scholars for Long-Term Success: Three Promising Teacher Education Program Design Elements at the Western Regional Noyce Conference (WNRC) in Tucson, Ariz., on Nov. 17.  

Gomez also served as a panelist on a Voices From the Field plenary session, discussing her experiences as a new math teacher in Woodburn, Ore., with more than 200 attendees from Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Idaho, Hawaii, Montana and Utah. 

Current Pacific Noyce Scholars were represented by Kellie Takamori (Forest Grove MAT) and Sarah Foltz (Woodburn STEM MAT).

Pacific Noyce alumni teach math and science in high-needs schools in Oregon and beyond:

Kimberly Tijerino (Eugene, 2010), Parrish Middle School, Salem
Michaela Balkus (Forest Grove, 2011), Bandon High School, Bandon
Orissa Burghard (Forest Grove, 2011), Ione Community School, Ione
Diann Espinoza (Forest Grove, 2011), Liberty High School, Hillsboro
Lisa Augustine (Eugene, 2011), Crater HS Renaissance Academy, Central Point
Caitlin Nichols (Woodburn, 2012), Ontario Middle School, Ontario
Tara Connelly (Woodburn, 2012),  McAuliffe Regional Charter School, Framingham, Mass.
Alan Laduca (Woodburn, 2012), Robert Farrell High School, Salem
Bekah Gomez (Woodburn, 2012), Woodburn Arts and Communication Academy, Woodburn
Chris Pokorny (Woodburn, 2012), Portland Public Schools, Portland
Ibrahim Mesanovic (Woodburn, 2012), IA, Reynolds School District, Gresham
Natalie Getchell (Forest Grove, 2012), Odessa, Texas



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