The Eugene Waldorf School is sponsoring a workshop on bullying. The cost is $20.00 per person and $30.00 per couple. A reception will immediately follow the workshop.

Workshop and Lecture with Kim John Payne

How Parents Can Raise a Socially Resilient Child: Breaking the Cycle of Reactivity, Exclusion and Bullying

Saturday, January 19, 2012, 1-4pm with reception to follow

1350 McLean Blvd., Eugene

November 5, 2012—Eugene, Ore. — While schools can do a lot to work through situations of teasing, parents can be very effective in giving their children some age appropriate simple strategies to avoid being caught up in the destructive cycle of teasing and bullying.

This is a talk and workshop that focuses on bullying, teasing and exclusion. A very doable solution will be offered, that is tried and proven with countless families over the last 25 years. What is different about this approach, and some say unique, is that practical tools are given to family helpers and families, that can be implemented right away that break the cycle of bullying and teasing.

A consultant and trainer to over 110 U.S. independent and public schools, Kim John Payne, M.ED, has been a school counselor, adult educator, consultant, researcher, educator and a private family counselor for 27 years. He regularly gives key note addresses at international conferences for educators, parents, and therapists, and runs workshops and training’s around the world. In each role, he has been helping children, adolescents and families explore issues such as social difficulties with siblings and classmates, attention and behavioral issues at home and school, emotional issues such as defiance, aggression, addiction and self-esteem, and the vital role living a balanced simple life brings.  Learn more at

He has also consulted for educational associations in South Africa, Hungary, Israel, Russia, Switzerland, Ireland, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. Kim has worked extensively with the North American and UK Waldorf educational movements. Kim is the Founding Director of The Center for Social Sustainability.

In addition to authoring Simplicity Parenting©: Using the Extraordinary Power of Less to Raise Calmer, Happier and More Secure Kids, published by Ballantine Books/Random House in 2009, he also authored The Games Children Play, (©1996) published by Hawthorn Press.

He has appeared frequently on television including ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox; on radio with the BBC, Sirius/XM, CBC and NPR; and, featured in print in Time Magazine, Chicago Tribune, Parenting, Mothering, Times Union and the LA Times.

For more information, contact Valerie Perrott, Eugene Waldorf School PR & Enrollment Coordinator, at 541-683-6951,, or visit


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