Alumni Association Board Begins Restructure

The Pacific University Alumni Association Board officially proposes an amendment to the Alumni Association bylaws, which align the bylaws with a recent restructure of the Alumni Board.

The purpose of the Alumni Association, as defined by the new bylaws, shall be to deepen the engagement of alumni and students in a lifelong relationship with Pacific University and to further the welfare of Pacific University.

To this end, the Alumni Association Board has developed a new volunteer leadership structure, which significantly expands opportunities for alumni engagement. The board has created the following committees, with the intent to create additional committees as interest and/or need arises. Any member of the University community may join these committees.

The Alumni Association Board also hopes to formally create committees for the College of Optometry Chapter, Hawaii Chapter and the Golden Guard.

Opportunities are also available for alumni to become involved with Friends of Speech, College of Education, Friends of Music and Boxer Club.

In addition, all members of the university community are welcome to propose committees which directly support the efforts of Pacific University.

To join and existing committee or group, or to propose a new committee, please contact the Office of Alumni Relations at 503-352-2057 or

To review the existing bylaws as well as the proposed new bylaws, click here.

The Office of Alumni Relations is a resource for all former students of Pacific University. Questions or requests for assistance can be directed to 503-352-2057 or

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