Two New Articles on BCIS Interface

The Berglund Center for Internet Studies has published two new articles for the Interface online journal.

The Berglund Center for Internet Studies is proud to showcase the thoughts and ideas of others through Interface, a journal of education, community and values.

Last month, an article was written by Steve Rhine titled “Is the Revolution Here?” From chalkboards to motion pictures, Rhine discusses the different mediums education has been taught with throughout history and how they've evolved without leaving a massive impact on the essense of teaching. He provides an in-depth look into the most recent media craze: mobile technologies, and how they will play a role in "tipping the balance." The article can be read here.

Our second article, titled “Jambo Bwana Part 1: A Journey in Swahili as an Online Language,” by Nicole Nowlin takes you through the author's experience while being a part of the pilot courses for the Swahili and Chinese languages at the Center for Applied Second Language Studies at the University of Oregon in Eugene. Read the full article here.

The Berglund Center facilitates both theoretical discussion and practical action relating to the impact of the Internet upon individuals and their communities worldwide. We are interested in the effects of the Internet on the ways we work, communicate, teach and learn. It is endowed through a generous gift from Pacific University alumni Mary and James Berglund of La Jolla, Calif.

For more information about Interface or the Berglund Center for Internet Studies, contact the Berglund Center at 503-352-1466 or or visit the BCIS website.

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