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Renaissance Public Academy is a public, tuition-free charter school within the Molalla River School District in Clackamas County currently serving grades 5-12.

Renaissance Public Academy has recently posted to multiple community Craigslists two potential employment opportunities in the world of education.  

Renaissance Public Academy has recently been awarded a charter renewal within the school district.  Founded in 2010, they became eligible for inclusion in the Oregon State Report Card with this past October's release.  They are pleased to have been graded as "Outstanding."  They use core knowledge and classical education as their structure.  The RPA website provides extensive information about their curriculum and mission statement.

Listed below are samples of the two positions that have been posted. The "teacher" posting is an ongoing recruitment for applicants.  The "academic director" posting has a deadline.

Feel free to contact RPA with any questions,

         ~  Raleen Hockenberry, Admin. Assistant ~
                  Renaissance Public Academy

          Non-Profit 501(c)(3) ... T.I.D. 27-1756201

         (503) 759-7002        fax:  (503) 759-7004

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